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This is a special pass category. Time-limited offer of HK$150 for 2 classes. The validity of the pass is 2 weeks. 


Each person can only purchase this pass once. If you purchase this pass, you also won't be able to purchase our regular trial pass again. 


Special Note [PLEASE READ]:

1. All purchase is non-refundable and non-transferrable

2. Please remark the name and phone number of your friend who shared this link with you in the Remark box at checkout

3. After your purchase, we will manually assign the pass to your account on Punchpass. This could take upto 2 hours. 
4. To login and book class, please follow the steps below:
i) Go to

ii). Click “Create Account” Enter the registered email address.

iii). You can set your password then and start booking classes.


Special 2 Class Trial Pass

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